SOODE is committed to supply the best technology to a wide range of industrial fields
in order to meet growing demand for economy, high precision stability and shorter
processes for parts manufacture. Based on a wealth of advanced know-how, SOODE's
technological capabilities as a precision press specialist are sure to satisfy customers'
exact needs perfectly and flexibly.
SOODE has succeeded in creating
a highly advanced quality control system by
establishing rigid precision controls for each
manufacturing process, an initiative made
possible by our ability to produce all press
parts in-house. Transitions from one
process to another are smooth, so that practically no time is lost during the
manufacturing process

Mobilizing the same high level of
technology no matter where you are,overseas or in Japan
SOODE's worldwide activities
will never fail to meet
your expectations

SOODE maintains a full range
of state-of-art equipment and facilities that
make possible the smooth production of a
wide variety of high precision products.
SOODE is also capable of secondary
processing-all of it done in-house. This
capability is bound to satisfy our customers
in terms of both product quality and
cost savings
Creating supreme products with
process-based quality. Our
state-of-the-art equipment makes
possible the highest precision
and quality supreme