Here at SOODE, we have a complete organization and the ability to control product
quality from all viewpoints. This is possible because we perform, in-house,
post-press working such as cutting and grinding to produce added value. This is our
edge over the competition. SOODE offers every solution for any problem a
customer may face when procuring parts
Precision inspections of products are
conducted thoroughly, even going into
details of the press process. In addition to
in-house inspections using three-dimensional measuring machines and
other sophisticated equipment, we commission the Nagano
Prefectural Industrial Laboratory to conduct
further inspections in order to ensure
perfection. Once a trial product receives
commercial production approval by
the customer, it enters the production
line without delay
SOODE has always kept our eyes one step
ahead. We perform ultra-high -precision
working on parts, fully taking into account
the environment in which they will be used.
By providing pure water cleaning, chemical
polishing, insulation treatment and the like,
we can deliver products that have cleared
strictest requirements of the next
generation product environment