SOODE's competitive edge lies in its integrated operations, as we perform not
only press working but also the secondary processing that follows. Each of our
manufacturing processes embodies our advanced technical know-how and is
backed by state-of-the-art equipment. Our capabilities are also geared towards
next generation products, from glass, ceramics and other non metallic materials,
to environmental inspection and chemical composition testing.
Cold Stamping has been able to
eliminate the drawbacks inherent with
traditional methods of die casting. This is a
fine example where, unlike die cast products those made by cold stamping
offer high density that endows the product with both high precision and superior vibration absorbency

Three Dimension by means of
cold stamping. SOODE has succeeded in
creating a stamping press by which a height
of 20mm is achieved from a sheet metal
5mm thick. This piece had a uniform density
and produced no waste material whatsoever. This breakthrough has an extremely high application value
concerning radiating parts for ICs
Machine-based products being
replaced by cold stamping. By means
of this method SOODE has overcome
problems such as punching and flatness precision on the order of several microns, center misalignment, and the creating of a metal sheet thickness that involves
varied subtle changes.